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5:05 PM 27 Nov 2020 | Prices are delayed by 15 minutes

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Stock Code 5296
Change +0.110
Percentage Change +4.64
Volume ('00) 189,918
Buy Volume ('00) 1,659
Buy 2.480
Sell 2.490
Sell Volume ('00) 36
LACP 2.370
Open 2.380
High 2.500
Low 2.370

List of Structured Warrant

Stock Code 5296CA Short Name MRDIY-CA Last Done Price 0.35 View
Stock Code 5296CB Short Name MRDIY-CB Last Done Price 0.265 View
Stock Code 5296CC Short Name MRDIY-CC Last Done Price 0.245 View
Stock Code 5296CD Short Name MRDIY-CD Last Done Price 0.155 View
Stock Code 5296CE Short Name MRDIY-CE Last Done Price 0.24 View
Stock Code 5296CF Short Name MRDIY-CF Last Done Price 0.0 View
Stock Code 5296CG Short Name MRDIY-CG Last Done Price 0.835 View
Stock Code 5296CH Short Name MRDIY-CH Last Done Price 0.41 View
Stock Code 5296CI Short Name MRDIY-CI Last Done Price 0.25 View
Stock Code 5296CJ Short Name MRDIY-CJ Last Done Price 0.17 View
Stock Code 5296CK Short Name MRDIY-CK Last Done Price 0.205 View
Stock Code 5296CL Short Name MRDIY-CL Last Done Price 0.14 View
Stock Code 5296CM Short Name MRDIY-CM Last Done Price 0.26 View
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05 Nov 2020
Interim Dividend

EX-date: 30 Nov 2020

Entitlement date: 01 Dec 2020

Entitlement description: Interim Single Tier Dividend of RM0.0073 per share in respect of the financial year...

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