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Main Sections Toggle

Market and Corporate tabs are used to partition the site into two main sections.

Market tab comprises the following sub-sections:
Securities | Derivatives | Islamic Markets | Products & Services | Regulation | Listed Companies | Events

Corporate tab comprises the following sub-sections:
About Us | Investor Relations | Sustainability | Media Centre | Careers


Primary Navigation

The dropdown menu shows the second and third level navigation within each section. This increases the visibility and ease of navigation within that particular section.

Pin menu pins the dropdown menu, making it visible to users and allows quick navigation within the section. To pin or unpin the menu, simply click on the pin menu bar.

Side menu shows the fourth and fifth navigation of the section.



The breadcrumbs on the page header serve as a navigation aid to inform users where their current page exists within the site structure. This makes it easier for users to track the path back to their original launchpad.