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Bursa Malaysia has always advocated sustainability as key to business success today. A holistic approach to business management, incorporating economic, environmental, social and governance considerations alongside financial ones, will serve as a sound business model that supports business continuity and long term value creation for stakeholders and society at large.



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This section aims to help listed issuers better understand what sustainability means to their business and how sustainability is linked to other similar terms such as 'ESG' and 'CSR'. This section also explores the 'why' and 'how' global businesses, investors, and other stakeholders are starting to appreciate the value of sustainability.

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Take Action

In order to ensure that all listed issuers are able to truly benefit from sustainability, this section offers key considerations listed issuers could take into account when embedding sustainability into their business.

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Bursa Malaysia has introduced a Sustainability Reporting Framework aimed at improving listed issuers' sustainability disclosures, with specific focus being given to managing and reporting material sustainability risks and opportunities.

Sustainability Reporting Guide

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Provides guidance on how to embed sustainability in organisations and how to report

Sustainability Reporting Guide
1.582MB (PDF)

Sustainability Toolkits

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How-to steps on governance, materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, themes and indicators

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Latest Amendments

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Latest amendments to Main Market Listing Requirements relating to Sustainability Statement