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Equities offer considerable potential for capital growth and are long term risk investments. Ownership of equities will often entitle the investor to a portion of the company's profits through dividends.

Transaction Costs


Transaction Costs

In addition to the cost of the shares bought or sold, the client will have to pay the following charges:

Transaction Costs

Transaction costs are expenses incurred when shares are bought or sold. Transaction costs include brokers' commission, stamp duty and clearing fees.
  1. Brokers' Commissions
    Brokers' Commission Rates
  2. Stamp Duty
    The stamp duty is RM1.00 for every RM1000.00 (or fractional part) of the transaction value of securities (payable by both buyer and seller). The stamp duty shall be remitted to the maximum of RM 200.

    1. Stamp duty is not subjected to GST

    2. An instrument relating to the sale and purchase of retail* debenture and retail* sukuk as approved by the Securities Commission under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 [Act 671] are exempted from stamp duty. This exemption order applies to a retail investor who is an individual* for instruments executed on or after 1 Oct 2012 and not later than 31 Dec 2015.
  3. * Please refer to "STAMP DUTY (EXEMPTION) (NO. 4) ORDER 2013"

  4. Clearing Fees
    1. Novated contract (On market transaction)
      0.03% of transaction value (payable by both buyer and seller) with a maximum of RM1000.00 per contract. There is no minimum fee imposed.

    2. Direct business contract
      0.03% of transaction value (payable by both buyer and seller) with a maximum of RM1000.00 per contract and a minimum of RM10.00.