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Glossary of Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (ETBS)

Market Terminologies

Glossary of Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (ETBS)



The interest amount the ETBS holder will receive above the principal amount. It is generally expressed as a percentage of the principal value.
Coupon Frequency
The frequency with which coupon payments are made to ETBS holders.


ETBS Holder
The owner of a bond or sukuk asset.


The government, commercial or holding company that will act as a guarantor for the ETBS issuer in case of a default.


A company or government organisation that issues bonds/sukuk to investors in order to raise funds for its operations, expansion or other needs.


Maturity Date
The date when the ETBS issuer pays the principal amount to the holder. It is also known as redemption date.


The amount borrowed by the issuer or the amount lent by investors. Typically, this is the value returned to the ETBS holder upon maturity. It is also known as nominal value, par value, redemption value or maturity value of a bond.


A financial organisation that has been given fiduciary powers to ensure obligation of the bond contract is met between the ETBS issuer and the ETBS holder. They act in the interest of the ETBS holder.