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Learn how to invest in the securities market. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find useful information, tips and ideas on investing in this section.

Understanding FTSE

Investing Basics

Understanding FTSE

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Series

Bursa Malaysia Bhd and FTSE Group joined forces in 2005 to launch the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Series, a suite of tradable and benchmark indices. The FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Series is designed to represent the performance of companies, providing investors with a comprehensive and complementary set of indices, which measure the performance of the major capital and industry segments of the Malaysian and regional market.

FTSE adopts international index construction standards which are transparent. Stocks will have to pass FTSE's basic requirements to be included into the index. The index design basics are as follows:-

  1. Investable
    All stocks are free float weighted to accurately represent the stocks available for investment. Strategic shareholdings such as by Directors and Founding Families, Government, Cross Holdings by related companies and Holdings subject to lock-in clauses will be excluded from free float screening.
  2. Tradable
    All stocks are liquidity screened to ensure stock availability and ease of trading.
  3. Transparent
    A clear and predictable set of Ground Rules provides transparency and enables easy understanding and anticipation of the management of the index series.

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