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Bonds are fixed income securities issued to lenders of long-term loans, with a maturity date. They provide returns in the form of fixed periodic payments.



How to use the bond calculator

Bond Calculator – allows you to calculate either the Clean Price or the Yield to Maturity

  1. Select the option whether to compute the Price or Yield
  2. Check the Settlement Date. Default is T.
  3. Key in the Maturity Date.
  4. Key in the Coupon Rate.
  5. Key in the Yield (to compute the Clean Price) or Clean Price (to compute the Yield).
  6. Click Calculate.

Transaction Cost Calculator – allows you to compute the net proceed for your Buy or Sale of the bond/sukuk

  1. Select the Transaction Type, either Purchase or Sale.
  2. Key in the quantity (in units) for your transaction.
  3. Key in the Dirty price. Please note that trading on Bursa Malaysia is on Dirty Price.
  4. Brokerage Fee, Clearing Fee and Stamp Duty are all provided by the system.
  5. Press Calculate and the Total Proceeds for your transaction will be computed.

Price / Yield

Transaction Cost

Transaction Cost

* For more information on Brokerage and Clearing Fees, kindly refer to the Transaction Costs Page.
Note: Trading Fee is not applicable for investors and therefore it is excluded from the Bond Calculator.

Disclaimer: The Bond Calculator is designed to assist users to calculate Price and Yield of a bond and is used for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for financial, investment, fund raising, legal and/or product advice. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Bursa Malaysia Berhad and its related corporations including its respective directors, officers, employees and contractors disclaim any and all liability for loss or damage arising in any way (including by way of negligence) from or in connection with the use of the Bond Calculator. You are advised to seek independent advice and/or consult relevant laws, regulations and rules prior to trading or investing.