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Supervision of Issuers

We are committed to improve the standards of disclosure among Listed Issuers to promote greater transparency in the market and to strengthen investor protection.



Bursa Malaysia has in place a sound and robust regulatory framework in admitting, monitoring and supervising issuers on the Main Market, ACE Market and LEAP Market through the respective Listing Requirements (“Listing Requirements”).

To ensure a fair and orderly market as well as to build and maintain the integrity of our markets and investors’ confidence, the Listing team is entrusted with the primary role as the front-line regulator to admit, monitor and supervise listed issuers. The Listing teams’ core functions include the following:

1. Review and process applications

2. Disclosure and Continuing Listing Obligation

Bursa Malaysia places significant emphasis on timeliness, adequacy and accuracy of disclosures to enable investors to make informed investment decisions as disclosure is a cornerstone to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of our market.

To ensure a high standard of disclosure and compliance is practiced by listed issuers, we carry out the following key functions:

3. Monitor Sponsors for the ACE Market

We review and process applications for admission to the register of Sponsors and maintain the register of Sponsors. We also monitor and engage with Sponsors on its conduct and conduct of sponsored corporations.

4. Monitor Advisers for the LEAP Market

We review and process applications for admission to the register of Advisers and maintain the register of Advisers. We also monitor and engage with Advisers on its conduct and conduct of sponsored corporations.

5. Listing Advisory

We provide assistance to listed issuers, advisers and relevant industry participants on the interpretation and application of Listing Requirements (askListing@Bursa)

6. Bursa LINK and Support

Bursa LINK facilitates the on-line dissemination of listed issuers announcements and documents such as circulars, Annual Report, Quarterly Reports and Prospectus. It also provides a platform for listed issuers to submit on-line applications such as listing and waiver applications.

The Listing team also provides on-going application support to BURSA LINK users as well as training, briefing and other development programs for existing and new LINK users.

Contact Us

For any enquiries, you may contact the Listing executives in charge of the respective listed issuers. (List of contact persons)