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Supervision of Brokers

We have structured and systematic mechanisms in place for monitoring and supervising compliance by Participating Organisations and Trading Participants

Supervision of Brokers

Bursa Malaysia closely supervises the business conduct of brokers and their representatives with the aim of achieving the following objectives:-

We regulate and supervise two groups of brokers:-

As a frontline regulator, we monitor and supervise the stockbroking and futures broking companies in respect of the Bursa Malaysia Rules, directives and circulars

Supervision of Brokers 2017

We strive to deliver a high level of service and maintain effective working relationship with brokers. In order to ensure that enquiries can be channelled promptly and to the right personnel, we have dedicated personnel for specific broker groups to assist them in enquiries relating to the Rules of Bursa Malaysia. This is essential to encourage and promote greater compliance with the Rules of Bursa Malaysia.