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We have clear, comprehensive and accessible rules which govern, among others, the listing of issuers and products on our markets, and the obligations of the issuers post-listing, the trading, clearing and settlement of our products, the admission and post admission obligations of our participants.



We are committed to maintaining high standards of regulation through our rules. This is achieved by continuously evaluating the rules to ensure that they remain relevant, effective and benchmarked to international standards in particular to the ever changing capital markets landscape. This process is aimed at ensuring high standards of investor protection and business conduct and a balanced, efficient and effective regulatory framework.

The rules also reflect our regulatory principles.

The rules administered by Bursa Malaysia are as follows:

Regulation Rules Chart Listing Requirements Rules of Bursa Malaysia Securities Rules of Bursa Malaysia Securities Clearing Sdn Bhd Rules of Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd Rules of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Bhd Rules of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Bhd Rules of Bursa Malaysia Bonds Sdn Bhd

Note: The Rules of Bursa Suq Al-Sila relating to the Shariah compliant commodity trading platform to provide commodity for financial institutions as underlying instruments in their financial transactions using various Shariah contracts, which are not governed by any securities laws, can be found here.