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We have clear, comprehensive and accessible rules which govern, among others, the listing of issuers and products on our markets, and the obligations of the issuers post-listing, the trading, clearing and settlement of our products, the admission and post admission obligations of our participants.

Practice Notes

Listing Requirements

Main Market: Practice Notes

Practice Note 1 [Deleted]

Practice Note 2: Requests for Suspension
29 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 3: Disclosure for Internet-Related Businesses or E-Commerce Activities
28 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 4 [Deleted]

Practice Note 5: Training for Directors
23 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 6 [Deleted]

Practice Note 7: Classification of Applicants or Listed Issuers
27 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 8 [Deleted]

Practice Note 9: Risk Management and Internal Control, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Statement
218 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 31 December 2016]

Practice Note 10 [Deleted]

Practice Note 11: Provision of Financial Assistance
84 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Practice Note 12: Recurrent Related Party Transactions
119 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 27 Jan 2015]

Practice Note 13: Requirements for Directors and Signatory of Statutory Declaration for Accounts
141 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Practice Note 14: Principal of Aggregation for Transactions
35 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 15 [Deleted]

Practice Note 16: Cash Companies
23 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 17: Criteria & Obligations of PN17 Issuers
164 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 31 Dec 2016]

Practice Note 18: Perusal of Draft Circulars and Other Documents
65 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 2 Jan 2014]

Practice Note 19: Public Shareholding or Unit Holding Spread
63 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 20:Trading Halt
79 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 03 May 2016]

Practice Note 21: Listing Procedures for Initial Admission
298 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Practice Note 22: Transfer of Listed Corporations to the Main Market
169 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 1 Apr 2015]

Practice Note 23: Listing Procedures for Specific Applicants
327 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 03 May 2016]

Practice Note 24: Listing Procedures for Foreign Listing
103 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Practice Note 25: Listing Procedures for New Issue of Securities By Issuers with Secondary Listing
85 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Practice Note 26: Listing Procedures of Sukuk and Debt Securities
242 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Practice Note 27: Listing Procedures For Structured Warrants
252 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 28: Listing Procedures for New Issues of Securities
251 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 29: Saving and Transitional Provisions
191 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 30: Enforcement Proceedings & Related Matters
69 KB (PDF)

Practice Note 31: Stapled Securities
82 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 31 Dec 2015]

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