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We have clear, comprehensive and accessible rules which govern, among others, the listing of issuers and products on our markets, and the obligations of the issuers post-listing, the trading, clearing and settlement of our products, the admission and post admission obligations of our participants.

Listing Requirements

Listing Requirements

Main Market: Listing Requirements

Cover Page
38 KB (PDF)

Table of Contents
0.533 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 01 Apr 2015]

Chapter 1: Definitions and Interpretation
0.300 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Chapter 2: General
0.300 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Chapter 3: Admission
0.054 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 25 Mar 2013]

Chapter 4: Admission for Specific Applicants
0.116 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 8 May 2013]

Chapter 4A: Foreign Listing
0.133 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 27 Jan 2015]

Chapter 4B: Listing of Sukuk and Debt Securities
33.0 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 26 Sep 2012]

Chapter 5: Structured Warrants
0.266 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Chapter 6: New Issues of Securities
0.315 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 27 Jan 2015]

Chapter 7: Articles of Association
120 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 3 Jan 2012]

Chapter 8: Continuing Listing Obligations
0.277 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 13 Jul 2015]

Chapter 9: Continuing Disclosure
0.469 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 27 Jan 2015]

Chapter 10: Transactions
0.498 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 08 Oct 2015]

Chapter 11 [Deleted]

Chapter 12: Share Buy-Backs
0.169 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 27 Jan 2015]

Chapter 13: Arrangements and Reconstructions
0.164 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 25 Mar 2013]

Chapter 14: Dealings in Listed Securities
0.069 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 25 Mar 2013]

Chapter 15: Corporate Governance
151 KB (PDF)
[Updated as at 27 Jan 2015]

Chapter 16: Suspension, De-Listing and Enforcement
0.164 MB (PDF)
[Updated as at 27 Jan 2015]

Schedule of fees [Deleted]

List of Sectors for Classification of Applicants or Listed Issuers

Sectorial Classification or Reclassification Form

Consolidated Listing Requirements

Consolidated Listing Requirements
5.8 MB (PDF)
[Updated to incorporate amendments issued up to
08 Oct 2015]


New Framework for Listings and Equity Fund Raising and Key Changes to the MAIN Market Listing Requirements

Date : 18 June & 6 July 2009
Venue : Bursa Malaysia

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    These documents contain the Listing Requirements for the Main Board and Second Board which have been updated as at the date above and are posted on this website for the public's reference only. You should always refer to the printed version of these Listing Requirements and Practice Notes together with any subsequent amendments issued from time to time by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

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