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We have clear, comprehensive and accessible rules which govern, among others, the listing of issuers and products on our markets, and the obligations of the issuers post-listing, the trading, clearing and settlement of our products, the admission and post admission obligations of our participants.

Communication Notes/Guides

Communication Notes/Guides

Communication Notes for Issuers

Communication Notes Issuance Date

ICN 1/2019
206 KB (PDF)

Guidance on Disclosures in Information Memorandum 29 March 2019

ICN 1/2018
72 KB (PDF)

Issuers Communication Corporate Website for Listed Issuers (ICN 1/2018) 31 October 2018

ICN 3/2017
683 KB (PDF)

Guidance on Disclosures relating to Material Contracts and Prevention of Selective Disclosure of Material Information 31 October 2017

ICN 2/2017
438 KB (PDF)

Bursa Malaysia's Enforcement/ Disciplinary Proceedings and Processes 30 August 2017

ICN 1/2017
289 KB (PDF)

Guidance on Disclosures in Notes to Quarterly Report 31 July 2017

Guides Issued by Bursa Malaysia

Guides Issuance Date

Reader Friendly Guide
1099 KB (PDF)

30 August 2019

Sustainability Reporting Guide
3283 KB (PDF)

13 December 2018

Bursa Malaysia CG Guide - 3rd Edition

  • Executive Summary
  • Pull-out I : Board Leadership and Effectiveness
  • Pull-out II : Effective Audit and Risk Management
  • Pull-out III : Integrity in Corporate Reporting and Meaningful Relationship with Stakeholders

14 December 2017

Management Discussion and Analysis Disclosure Guide
947 KB (PDF)

10 March 2017

Best Practice Guide in relation to Independent Advice Letters
638 KB (PDF)

22 July 2014

Corporate Disclosure Guide
7783 KB (PDF)

22 September 2011

Guides Issued by the Industry

Guides Issued by Issuance Date

Guidance on Effective Internal Audit Function
13176 KB (PDF)

Institute Of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIAM) 9 October 2017

AGM Best Practice Guide for Listed Issuers
1164 KB (PDF)

Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) 23 November 2016

Statement on Risk Management & Internal Control - Guidelines for Directors of Listed Issuers
5356 KB (PDF)

An industry led Task Force 31 December 2012

Communication Notes for Intermediaries

Communication Notes Issuance Date

437 KB (PDF)

Bursa Malaysia's Enforcement/ Disciplinary Proceedings and Processes 30 August 2017