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Regulatory Insights

We continue to place greater emphasis on market engagement and education in the form of training, dialogues, conferences and direct engagements with our Listed Issuers and Brokers.



Bursa Malaysia appreciates that creating awareness and understanding through continuous engagements and education to the Listed Issuers, their directors and advisers, as well as Brokers, their senior management and other registered persons (collectively referred to as “the Participants”) are key towards raising a high level of compliance across the industry as well as promoting a self-regulation culture.

We continuously undertake engagements, education and other awareness activities with the Participants internally as well as in collaboration with industry institutions and associations which include conferences, roadshows, advocacy programs, technical briefings, workshops and dialogues throughout Malaysia with the following key objectives: -

(a) To create awareness of current trends and compliance related issues faced by Participants including past enforcement actions taken against Participants, so that they continuously enhance the standard of business conduct and compliance;

(b) To raise Participants’ level of awareness and secure their compliance with key issues relating to current trends emerging from the market place which may pose risks and challenges; and

(c) To provide two way dialogues where the Participants can provide feedback on regulatory/compliance and related issues to us as well as enable us to directly communicate and relay concerns noted on regulatory development and compliance expectations. These feedbacks and views are useful to us towards development of the regulatory landscape in our capital market.

Listed Issuers

Some of the key education events carried out for Listed Issuers are as follows: -

Details of education/ advocacy programmes for Listed Issuers in 2019: -

Regulatory Outreach Programmes for Listed Issuers 2019
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Some of the key education events carried out for Brokers are as follows: -

Details of education/ advocacy programmes for Brokers in 2019: -

Regulatory Outreach Programmes for Brokers 2019
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