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Regulatory Approach / Philosophy

In striving to build a market of quality and integrity, Bursa Malaysia is guided by Regulatory Principles to achieve the following goals: investor protection to remain intact; high standards of business conduct by listed issuers and brokers; and efficient and effective regulation.

 Managing Conflicts of Interest

Managing Conflicts of Interest

A well regulated market with orderly and efficient clearing and depository services is essential to enable Bursa Malaysia to meet both its corporate and regulatory objectives and to engender confidence in Bursa Malaysia. As both a market regulator and a business-oriented entity, Bursa Malaysia may be faced with situations where its commercial interests may conflict with its regulatory interests (“COI”). Under the law, Bursa Malaysia is obliged to ensure that where Bursa Malaysia’s own or any other interest conflicts with public interest, public interest and in particular the need for investor protection, shall prevail.

The measures we have put in place to address COI are: