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Regulatory Approach / Philosophy

In striving to build a market of quality and integrity, Bursa Malaysia is guided by Regulatory Principles to achieve the following goals: investor protection to remain intact; high standards of business conduct by listed issuers and brokers; and efficient and effective regulation.

Leveraging on Technological Platforms

Leveraging on Technological Platforms

We constantly improve our technological infrastructure. On the surveillance front, we upgraded our Surveillance System on 31 December 2012 which allows for swifter responses to suspicious trading behaviour and potential market abuse including a comprehensive market replay capability to reconstruct trading activities as they occur, allowing each transaction and its effect on the market to be closely reviewed. The system is a unified “cross-market” surveillance platform for both the equities and derivatives surveillance and therefore allows inter-market surveillance on both markets.

We have an automated minimum financial requirements reporting mechanism, better known as ARMADA system which is highly sensitive in capturing risk arising from volatile price changes. These features are able to assist us in conducting timely and effective supervision of brokers.

We also have in place Bursa LINK which is the platform for listed issuers to make announcements and facilitate timely submission of information for dissemination to the market place. eRAPID, which is a web-based solution, facilitates electronic transmission of Record of Depositors and Central Depository System circulars.


eRAPID is a web-based solution that facilitates electronic transmission of Record of Depositors and Central Depository System circulars. Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad, Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd, Bursa Malaysia Securities Clearing Sdn Bhd and Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Berhad use eRAPID to disseminate circulars to brokers.

Participant Affairs Department of Participants Supervision is responsible to disseminate all circulars via eRAPID. Circulars are converted into pdf format before being uploaded into eRAPID. Adequate control procedures are in place to ensure that each circular is issued properly.