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Market Surveillance

Our underlying philosophy in managing market orderliness lies in addressing market misconduct. We consider both quantitative and qualitative criteria when deciding on the appropriate policies, approaches and actions to be taken to address market orderliness.

Surveillance System

Surveillance System

Effective 31 December 2012, Bursa Malaysia Berhad uses the Millennium SurveillanceTM System for its equity and derivatives markets. The system is a unified “cross market” surveillance platform for both the equity and derivatives markets. The implemented new market surveillance system (MSS) is in furtherance to the Exchange’s commitment to investor protection and to ensure a fair and orderly market, also in line with Bursa Malaysia’s broader effort to create a more facilitative trading environment for investors.

Millennium Surveillance™ is a multi-asset, cross-market, flexible platform, which allows for swifter implementation of changes in response to trading behaviours and regulatory developments. The MSS allows Bursa Malaysia to identify trading behaviour patterns rapidly at both the broker and investor levels. It also includes a comprehensive market replay capability to promptly reconstruct trading activities of the market as it occurs, allowing each transaction and its effects on the market to be closely reviewed.