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Market Surveillance

Our underlying philosophy in managing market orderliness lies in addressing market misconduct. We consider both quantitative and qualitative criteria when deciding on the appropriate policies, approaches and actions to be taken to address market orderliness.



Market Surveillance's focus is to ensure the market operates in a fair and orderly manner so as to promote efficient price discovery and investor protection. Our philosophy is: prompt detection, swift action. This is achieved through the conduct of dynamic and timely regulatory measures, the undertaking of real-time and post-trade monitoring and analysis of both equities and derivatives trading activities. This approach in managing suspected manipulation through our Soft Enforcement has been effective in providing investor protection.

We monitor the trading activities on a real time basis using state-of-the-art surveillance information system technology. The surveillance system is able to detect a wide range of possible market misconduct situations on real-time basis. We set out clear and comprehensive rules and guidance on types of trading violation. This will enable us to act swiftly to curb any potential market misconduct. Investor protection is our priority.

We carry out regulatory actions upon detection of market misconduct to ensure market integrity is maintained at all times. The types of regulatory measures enforced are wide ranging:

Potential trading breaches are subjected to further investigation and enforcement action by Bursa Malaysia on errant party under the Bursa Malaysia Rules, and by the Securities Commission for breaches under the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007 and the securities laws.