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We take a very strict view of breaches to our Business Rules and Listing Requirements and undertake enforcement proceedings and actions according to the severity of the breach as these infractions have the potential to undermine investors’ rights and protection as well as market integrity.

Enforcement of Bursa Malaysia Rules

Key Enforcement Cases

Enforcement of Bursa Malaysia Rules

In line with Bursa Malaysia's (Bursa) continuing commitment to improve effectiveness of its enforcement actions, we will be reporting on and publishing the enforcement actions taken against market participants for breaches of the rules on the website of Bursa (Key Enforcement Cases). Market participants are in reference to the Participating Organisations (POs), Trading Participants (TPs), Clearing Participants, Participants of the exchange trading platform, Registered Persons, Authorised Depository Agents, Authorised Direct Members and any such persons to whom the Bursa rules are directed (collectively, "Market Participants" where applicable).

The Key Enforcement Cases will generally highlight and focus on common breaches and/or serious breaches which significantly impact the market or Market Participants for which enforcement actions have been taken. The Key Enforcement Cases is part of Bursa's effort to enhance transparency, market awareness and understanding of the enforcement decisions/actions taken and decision making considerations and processes undertaken by Bursa.

The enforcement actions and illustrations set out herein are based on enforcement actions taken and are intended to serve as information and guidance to Market Participants in undertaking their overall business activities, operations and supervisory, monitoring and compliance functions. While the information provided will generally indicate the enforcement approach we take to particular types of non-compliance, this is not conclusive and Bursa retains the discretion to deal with any particular case as it sees fit based on the peculiar facts and circumstances of each case and hence, different outcomes may result from cases of non-compliance that may appear to be similar.

The Key Enforcement Cases provided herein are intended to facilitate ease as well as better understanding of the factors considered by Bursa in determining the culpability and penalty imposed on the Market Participants. As some of the Key Enforcement Cases pertain to enforcement cases which do not involve public reprimand, the identity of the Market Participants are confidential and hence, not disclosed. For the Key Enforcement Cases that involve public reprimand, the date of and the link to the media release will be set out.