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Education & Awareness

We continue to place greater emphasis on market education in the form of training, dialogues, conferences and direct engagements with our Listed Issuers and Brokers.

Listed Issuers

Listed Issuers

Engagement with Listed Issuers

Bursa Malaysia appreciates that creating awareness and providing continuous education to the listed issuers, directors and advisers are key to ensuring that the underlying principles of Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements are embraced and adopted.

In this respect we conduct programs internally and collaborate with industry institutions and associations to carry out educational and awareness initiatives which include conferences, roadshows, directors’ advocacy programs, technical briefing for company secretaries and dialogues with listed issuers throughout Malaysia to share our regulatory objectives and concerns. These events help build relationship of trust and co-operation as well as promote a self regulation culture. To help greater understanding of our rules and requirements, practice / guidance notes are issued from time to time to the listed issuers to aid them in compliance with the rules. The latest developments relating to our regulatory services, policies, framework, etc. will also be updated in this website to enhance transparency of our regulatory roles to the public. We also conduct corporate governance workshops such as risk management & internal control workshops and corporate reporting workshops.

Direct engagement with directors and advisers of listed issuers also forms part of our regulatory measures to promote higher standard of conduct among listed issuers. This is carried out from time to time when issues need to be immediately addressed and clarified.