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Education & Awareness

We continue to place greater emphasis on market education in the form of training, dialogues, conferences and direct engagements with our Listed Issuers and Brokers.



Engagement with Brokers

In developing awareness and understanding of the nature and extent of the compliance obligations imposed on brokers and their Registered Persons, we carry out continuous engagements, education and awareness raising activities to equip the brokers and their Registered Persons to better understand their obligations. The regular engagements have produced results and together with the education programs, the effort has been very effective in raising the level of compliance across the industry. Through better understanding and awareness, the standard of business conduct by our brokers is expected to see continuous strengthening towards facilitating the maintenance of an orderly and fair market.

Annual Conferences and Dialogues

Bursa Malaysia regularly conducts education and engagements with Compliance Officers, Senior Management, Dealer’s Representatives and Futures Broker’s Representatives and Board of Directors of brokers. This is carried out through seminars/ education programs by industry subject matter expert. One-to-one engagements with Senior Management with the brokers are also conducted to share on Bursa Malaysia’s expectations and concerns on the market intermediaries Past experiences including enforcement actions taken against the market participants are also shared with a view of improving their understanding on Bursa Malaysia’s role as a regulator and improving their business conduct.

The objectives and expected outcome of the engagement and educational initiatives planned by the Exchange are set out to achieve the following:-