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Bursa Trade Securities 2

Do you need both the order routing and market information functionalities via FIX Protocol ?

Find out more here.

If you have any enquiries, please email to bursadirectaccess@bursamalaysia.com.

Documents and Guides

BTS2 On-Boarding

Documents and Guides

FIX Documents

FIX Specification: Market Data
Version 1.13
[Updated as at 6 October 2017]
1.335 MB (PDF)

FIX Specification Order Management
Version 1.12
[Updated as at 4 October 2017]
1.94 MB (PDF)

Bursa Malaysia ’s securities market trading is powered by NASDAQ OMX's industry leading technology, X-Stream INET.

The platform handles trading of equities, fixed income, ETF, funds and issuer warrants for Bursa Malaysia.

General Trading Guides

Announcements Message Structure
Version 1.6 [Updated as at 2 June 2017]
1503 KB (PDF)

Order Source Tagging Document
[Updated as at 16 May 2013]
55 KB (PDF)

Technical Guide 1 - Direct Business Transactions (Negotiated Deals)
Version 1.5
0.113 MB (PDF)

Technical Guide 2 - Market Maker
Version 1.1
71 KB (PDF)

Technical Guide 3 - BTS2 Component & Site Failovers
0.093 MB (PDF)

Technical Guide 4 - BTS2 Production (FIX Connections & Broker Codes)
[Updated as at 18 May 2017]
0.055 MB (PDF)

Technical Guide 5 - Handling Market Trade Message
Version 1.5
190 KB (PDF)

Technical Guide 6 - Bursa Good-Till-Date Order
Version 1.2
461 KB (PDF)

FIX Certification Forms & Guides

FIX Certification Environment VPN Connection Guide
167 KB (PDF)

Onboarding to Certification Environment Guidelines
426 KB (PDF)

BTS2 FIX Certification Package
Version 1.09 [Updated as at 01 Oct 2017]
449 KB (PDF)

FIX Certification Test Logs
[Updated as at 16 Apr 2013]
180 KB (PDF)

Form BTS-A7
82 KB (PDF)