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Information Products

Bursa Malaysia offers a wide range of information products and services which covers securities, derivatives and bonds market data.

If you require further assistance to purchase or subscribe the above package, please contact us at infoservices@bursamalaysia.com or (603) 2034 7000.

Website Linking Service

Website Linking Service

This licence allows a subscriber to establish a link between Bursa Malaysia's Announcements webpage and subscriber's website.

Website Linking Licence Agreement
135 KB (PDF)

Fees and Payment in Ringgit (MYR)
Updated: 1 September 2018
123 KB (PDF)

Fees and Payment in US Dollar
Updated: 1 September 2018
120 KB (PDF)

If you are interested to subscribe for the service, please complete the Application Form (WLLA) and e-mail to infoservices@bursamalaysia.com or fax to (603) 2026 3699.

Application Form (WLLA)
Updated: 08 August 2018
50 KB (PDF)