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Bursa Malaysia has several indices, providing investors with a comprehensive set of data which measures the performance of the major capital and industry segments of the Malaysian and regional markets.

Bursa Malaysia Index Series

Bursa Malaysia Index Series

Bursa Malaysia currently computes and disseminates 13 indexes namely:

Bursa Indexes
Bursa Indexes
Consumer Products & Services
Finance Services
Health Care
Industrial Products & Services
Telecommunications & Media
Transportation & Logistics

Please refer to Bursa Sectorial Index Series Factsheet

The index computation is as follows:-

Current aggregate Market Capitalisation x 100
Base Aggregate Market Capitalisation

The Bursa Malaysia Index Series is calculated and disseminated on a real-time basis at 60-second intervals during Bursa’s trading hours.

Further details of the index methodology can be found in Bursa Malaysia Index Series Ground Rules

The changes in the Bursa Malaysia Index Series following latest quarterly review can be found here.