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Products & Services

Bursa Malaysia operates a fully-integrated exchange that offers a comprehensive range of products which includes Equities, Derivatives, Offshore and Islamic, as well as exchange-related services such as trading, clearing, settlement and depository.

Products & Services



SecuritiesOffers a diverse range of investment opportunities, from a total of 15 sectors.


DerivativesOffers both futures & options contracts on a secure international trading platform.

Islamic Markets

Islamic MarketsOffers 'halal' investment opportunities to the masses.


BondsOffers safer investment opportunities in debt securities.


IndicesProvides investors with data for measuring local and regional market performances.


Labuan International Financial ExchangeLabuan International Financial Exchange (LFX) offers listing of financial instruments in US Dollars.

Information Products

Offers a wide range of market data products on securities, derivatives and bond.



KnowledgeCentre@Bursa is your one stop investment knowledge hub of the capital market. Become a member to enjoy access to 16,000 titles, magazines, annual reports and much more - all the information you need to empower you in your research, trading and investment analysis.

Central Depository System (CDS)

Investors who wish to trade in securities listed on Bursa Malaysia must open CDS (Central Depository System) accounts with Authorised Depository Agents (ADAs), i.e. stockbroking companies. Securities bought will be credited into CDS accounts that the investors have opened. Likewise for securities sold, these securities will be debited from the CDS accounts.

Consolidated Statement

Consolidated Central Depository System (CDS) Statement of Account is a facility to cater for depositors with multiple CDS accounts. Via this facility, depositors will receive details of all CDS transactions on a single statement, allowing for easier management and reconciliation of their securities held in different accounts.

Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL)

Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL) is a facility offered by Bursa Malaysia to enable the borrowing and lending of securities. The two models of SBL currently offered are Central Lending Agency and Negotiated Transaction.

Trading Technology Marketplace

Bursa Malaysia provides the space for technology services related to trading. Services available include Bursa Direct Access, an open interface facility provided to Participating Organisations, and Co-Location hosting.


Download these brochures to understand Bursa Malaysia Products and Services in depth.

Consolidated Products eBrochure
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