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Corporate Governance

Bursa Malaysia, as a front-line regulator is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance (CG) so as to maintain market integrity. Bursa Malaysia is continuously championing initiatives to promulgate the importance of embracing the best practices of CG with their listed issuers.

Malaysian CG Regulatory Framework

Malaysian CG Regulatory Framework

Malaysian CG Regulatory Framework

What benefits can be obtained through embracing CG?

Bursa Malaysia's role in the enhancement of Malaysia's CG regime

In recognising and subscribing to the importance of CG in the context of global capital market, Bursa Malaysia has taken a leading role in enhancing the standard of the Malaysian CG practices of listed issuers. For a capital market to be globally competitive and at par with international jurisdiction, it needs to be recognised as a premier and stable market. The market needs to be regarded as well-regulated from an investor protection perspective and must meet international benchmarks in terms of standards of CG practices. As a manifestation of our commitment to elevating the standards of CG of our listed issuers, we have in April 2008 established a Corporate Governance department. The key responsibilities of the new department are as follows:-