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Corporate Governance

Bursa Malaysia, as a front-line regulator is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance (CG) so as to maintain market integrity. Bursa Malaysia is continuously championing initiatives to promulgate the importance of embracing the best practices of CG with their listed issuers.

CG Guide

CG Guide

This is a practical guide to assist listed issuers on "how to" put in place the best practices of corporate governance. We hope the CG Guide will encourage boards, managers and shareholders to eschew a tick-the-box approach in favour of thoughtful governance and to raise the level of corporate governance through the structuring and implementation of sound practices and processes which engender an effective board.

The CG Guide is also designed to act as a resource for board of directors and its core committees to better understand their roles, authorities and discharge of their oversight duties. It contains recommendations, examples, checklists and questionnaires. They are meant for guidance only and are not meant to be exhaustive and should not be rigidly adopted in isolation of the law and circumstances.

Bursa Malaysia CG Guide - 2nd Edition
2.3MB (PDF)

CG Publications:

For useful documents and publications relating to corporate governance, please click on the links below. The documents and publications serve as educational tools only and do not constitute advice. Readers are advised to seek relevant professional advice prior to acting upon such information or guidance.