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Market Participants

Labuan, Malaysia, was designated as an international financial centre in 1990. As part of its development, an international financial exchange, LFX, was launched on 23 November 2000.



The Issuer of financial instrument is the owner of the instrument listed on LFX.

Being an international financial exchange, issuers can either be international or local corporations.

All listing of financial instruments must be done through LFX's licensed Listing Sponsors.

The Issuers will communicate and consult with a Licenced Listing Sponsor of its choice in getting its financial instrument listed on LFX. Although LFX is flexible in the type of instruments that can be offered for listing, various qualitative and quantitative criteria will need to be met before the Listing Committee grants approval for listing.

Issuers and their Listing Sponsors must strictly adhere to their post listing obligations with respect to all corporate disclosures as prescribed by the Exchange's Rules and Regulations.