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About LFX

Labuan, Malaysia, was designated as an international financial centre in 1990. As part of its development, an international financial exchange, LFX, was launched on 23 November 2000.

Organisation & Exchange

Organisation & Exchange

 Labuan International Financial Exchange Inc.

Incorporated in July 1999 as a company limited by shares with an authorised capital of USD10 million and a paid up capital of USD5.5 million.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia Berhad and is governed by the Labuan Companies Act (LCA) 1990 and its Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Board of Director

The Board Member of LFX comprises of:

The Board of Directors is represented on the Exchange Management by a General Manager / Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the management of the operations/finances of both the company and the Exchange. It also implements all required broad company policies.

LFX, the Exchange