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Clearing & Settlement

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad (BMD) is a subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia Berhad established in 1993. BMD provides, operates and maintains equity, interest rates, bond, agricultural commodity (crude palm oil and palm kernel), metal commodities (gold and tin) futures and options market trading and settlement services. BMD products are available on the CME Globex electronic trading platform for greater distribution of the Malaysian derivatives offerings to the global market.

FCPO Physical Delivery

FCPO Physical Delivery

The Crude Palm Oil Futures contract (FCPO) is physically delivered at expiry. This means that at expiry, the seller of the contract will deliver the crude palm oil whilst the buyer of the contract will take delivery of the crude palm oil. For a detailed look at the whole delivery process, please check out the FAQ.

FCPO Physical Delivery FAQ
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