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This section provides comprehensive information on application requirements, broker guidelines, list of registered brokers and broker ranking.

Local Participants (LP)

Becoming A Participant (Individual)

Local Participants (LP)

A Local Participant (Locals) is a professional derivatives trader who trades for his/her own account. In essence, a self-employed trader. With the recent easing of entry requirements, those who aspire to be a Local Participant are not required to pass the licensing examination, show the relevant academic qualification and industry experience.

Locals have grown alongside the Exchange over the years, both in terms of numbers and trading participation in derivatives products.

As a proprietary trader, they have unlimited trading potential. They trade as a business and have the option of working flexi hours from anywhere. Locals also enjoy exchange fee rebates and tax abatement on their income.

Criteria for Local Participants (LP)

Criteria for Local Participants (LP)

Note: Nominating Participant means a Trading Participant (Futures Broker) who is also a Clearing Participant through which the LP clears his trade. LP trade their own account.

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Admission Requirements for Local Participants Of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad

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Local Participants Application Form
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