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Our Material Factors

While we monitor, manage and report on a wide variety of issues, key to our approach is focusing our resources on material sustainability risks and opportunities that are associated with each material factor. This allows us to best meet stakeholder needs and ensure the long term success of our business.



Technology is the driving force for Bursa Malaysia in our mission to ensure the resiliency and reliability of the capital market infrastructure, and bring efficiencies and innovation for the market participants.

Technology is redefining the business models and value chain of the financial industry at an unprecedented rate. Stock exchanges are no exception. Evolving stakeholder expectations require us to keep up with the change and adopt new technologies in order to maintain or strengthen our position as a leader in the ASEAN region. We strive to keep abreast of technological trends and developments in order to provide the best service to our participants and investors at large.

While we see technology as a key enabler to, among others, transform customer experience, revolutionise services and achieve operational excellence, we are also cognisant of the imminent risks associated with our reliance on technology. Cyber security breaches are considered as a key risk to the sustainability of our business and also to our stakeholders. Given the past incidents where global exchanges had suffered from loss of customers, revenue and reputation due to technological issues, stringent measures are required to protect our customer information and prevent any technological disruption that would compromise our markets and business continuity. Most fundamentally, technology is crucial to ensuring the reliability and resiliency of the capital market on which so many of our stakeholders depend.

To this end, we formalised a three-year Operations Group Strategy, seeking to steer Bursa Malaysia towards achieving its 2020 aspirations of becoming a developed market and a market leader in ASEAN with global connectivity. The Operations Group Strategy focuses on three key pillars:

Guided by the Operations Group Strategy, in 2017, we undertook a number of initiatives which aimed to improve customers' trading experience and drive internal operational excellence by capitalising on the latest technology. For further details, please read our Sustainability Report 2017 here.