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Our Material Factors

We strive to become the leading market for sustainability in ASEAN and an exemplary PLC that is not only benchmarked to international standards and frameworks but with peer exchanges as well.



The Importance of Talent [GRI103-1]

Seeking only the best, we are made up of people with vast degree of experience and industry background. Building capability is key, hence we proactively provide opportunities for growth and development for the talent in the organisation through targeted development plans and succession planning. Ensuring our long term sustainability, we continuously invest more time and effort in recruiting across all our operations (internal and external), upskilling, engaging and rewarding the organisation accordingly. This is not compromised.

Our Approach to Talent [GRI103-2]

Our talent management process is guided by our Talent Management Framework and our Recruitment and Learning & Development policies. We also have in place a Talent Council that monitors and provides guidance on the implementation of all talent initiatives, mainly focusing on talent development and retention.

It is our Human Resources Division is responsible for managing talent within Bursa Malaysia, with oversight given by both the Talent Council and Nomination & Remuneration Committee (NRC) for key management personnel.

Talent management targets are based on an employee development objective of three (3) number of learning days, while Talent management goals focus on talent readiness level and succession ratio.

The performance of our management is evaluated though three levels of employee development measurements to gauge the effectiveness of the training conducted and the application on the job. Measurements include multi-dimensional assessments to identify areas of development for individuals, and their potential and readiness levels. The results from the assessment are presented to Senior Management, our Talent Council, and the NRC for their feedback and guidance.

In cultivating a learning culture, initiatives on change focusing on creating awareness and supporting the employees on continuous development of competencies.

To ensure that we have a healthy pipeline, a yearly review is also conducted on the readiness state of our succession pool and presented to the Talent Council and NRC for agreement. It is important to emphasise that our Talent Council will continue providing consultation and guidance in building the succession pipeline for Bursa Malaysia. With our aspiration to be a High Performance Organisation, we have embarked upon many initiatives including Optimising Organisational Structure for Organisation Effectiveness Project to review and align our structure, processes, people and governance towards steering the exchange to be highly efficient and effective and regionally competitive.

Our People [GRI102-8]

During 2016 we employed a total of 593 people across our operations. All our staff are employed on a full-time basis as both permanent staff and contract staff. The majority of our employees are based at our Exchange Square Office in Kuala Lumpur, with only one permanent male staff member based at our Labuan office location.

  Employees Male Female
Permanent 565 300/53% 265/47%
Temporary (Contract) 28 16/57% 12/43%
Total 593 316/53% 277/47%

We rely on our employees for our operations, and are committed to local employment. Our employees are of diverse backgrounds, the majority of which are Malaysian citizens (99.8%). Our Management Committee, which comprises our top management, are all Malaysian citizens.

Our Group Human Resources Division compiles and updates our employee data monthly and prepares a report for the scheduled meetings of the Management Committee, chaired by the CEO. There were no significant changes in employee numbers during the year.

Freedom of Association, Collective Bargaining and Labour Relations [GRI102-41]

Bursa Malaysia recognises the National Union of Commercial Workers (NUCW), which is a trade union of employees registered pursuant to the Trade Unions Act, as the exclusive collective bargaining agency that our eligible employees are members of. All our non-executive employees (96 staff or 16% of our total employees) are governed by the terms of a three-year Collective Agreement (CA). Our previous CA ran out last year and the negotiation going forward is still on-going.

The CA covers elements including working conditions as well as employment policies such as probationary period, discipline, salary structure, bonus, leave, working hours, overtime, rest days, maternity and paternity leave, redundancy, retirement, allowance and medical benefits, among others. It also covers employees’ health and safety topics such as hospitalisation, prolonged illness, insurance coverage and compensation for accidents as well as provision of safety helmets for floor marshals.

Written notice of not later than three months shall be provided to employees and the NUCW prior to implementation of significant operational changes that could substantially affect them.

During the year, there was no report received on violation of employees’ rights to exercise freedom of association or collective bargaining.

Capacity Building and Training [GRI404-1, 3]

We cultivate a learning culture in the organisation by providing programmes to support accelerated skill development and innovative approaches to learning and development. In addition, our Knowledge Centre is readily available to all staff providing easy access to data and information through the wide range of collection of reference documents, books and publications.