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Our Material Factors

We strive to become the leading market for sustainability in ASEAN and an exemplary PLC that is not only benchmarked to international standards and frameworks but with peer exchanges as well.

Our Community

Our Community

The Importance of Community [GRI103-1]

Bursa Malaysia’s influence on the community is broad. Though such social topics were not identified as material to our organisation, in line with our stakeholder expectations we have included our key community investment initiatives and performance within this SR.

Our Approach [GRI103-2]

Our initiatives in the community are centred on:

Bursa has not yet undertaken any formal community needs assessments or social or environmental impact assessments. The decision to pursue efforts to enhance capital market awareness in the community is driven by our business strategy, where nurturing retail investor participation in the capital markets remains a key business target. The decision to pursue education and employee volunteering activities is driven by our desire to be a responsible corporate citizen contributing to education and serving as a platform for fundraising, employee volunteering and engagement.

These community activities involve our Securities Market, Derivatives Market and Islamic Capital Market business units, employees and external stakeholders. Bursa has not caused or contributed to the areas our community activities seek to address and is not directly linked to these areas through business relationships.

Our Securities Market, Derivatives Market and Islamic Capital Market business units plan, manage and execute all our capital market awareness education programmes for the general public and university students.

Our Internship programme and Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SLIM) are planned, managed and executed by our Human Resources Division.

Our foundation, Yayasan Bursa Malaysia, oversees our Yayasan Scholarship Programme, Yayasan Excellence Award and The Bursa Bull Charge. Bursa Malaysia allocates funds annually for our Foundation’s activities.

Our Initiatives [GRI413-1]

We are actively involved in our community through a number of activities. Data around participation rates and number of activities held is available in this section. We do not measure the impact nor set targets for these initiatives.

Enhancing Capital Market Awareness

The cornerstone of our efforts to enhance capital market awareness is our BursaMKTPLC website. Together with content partners, Bursa has set up the BursaMKTPLC, an interactive website that supports retail investors by providing basic information and supporting tools to make trading easy. Information is presented in simple, bite-sized pieces using various mediums such as video clips and infographics while tools provide searchable, easy access to relevant research and news.

Our other activities linked to enhancing capital market awareness include:

Initiative Measure 2015 2016
Market Awareness Visit No. of students involved 3,275 2,904
Bursa Young Investor Club No. of students involved 1,823 2,549
Bursa Investor Education Workshop No. of participants 1,514 5,387
Bursa University Day No. of students involved 637 554


We believe contributing to education is a mark of a responsible corporate citizen and we have done so predominantly through:

Initiative Measure 2015 2016
Yayasan Scholarship Programme No. of students in the programme 26 19
Yayasan Excellence Award6 No. of recipients 32 29
Internship Programme No. of students trained 10 23
Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SL1M) No. of graduates trained 11 13

Employee Volunteering and Engagement

Our employees are a key resource and important stakeholder to us.

We have engaged with our employees in the following ways:

Initiative Measure 2015 2016
CEO Conversation No. of sessions conducted 2 2
Wellness Campaign No. of campaigns conducted 2 2
Employee Volunteering7 No. of employees 596 120
No. of volunteer hours on company time 3,462 1,718


We believe general contributions to charity is a mark of a responsible corporate citizen and we organise an annual charity run to raise funds for this purpose.

Our flagship Bursa Bull Charge (previously knowns as The Edge-Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Rat Race from 2000 – 2013) raised a total of 2.2 million RM in 2016 for 37 beneficiary organisations.

Initiative Measure 2015 2016
The Bursa Bull Charge Donation raised (RM million) 1.8 2.2
No. participating companies 179 217
No. of runners 1800 2022
No. of beneficiary organisations 28 37
Cumulative amount raised including Rat Race (RM) 20.3 22.5
Cumulative number of beneficiaries including from Rat Race 232 289

6. The Scholarship Programme for 2016 has been deferred pending review of the programme structure. The reduction in the number of students in 2015 and 2016 is due to 7 students who completed their studies
7. Volunteering work organized and initiated by the Community Investment Department (e.g. Bull Charge 2016)