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Our Material Factors

While we monitor, manage and report on a wide variety of issues, key to our approach is focusing our resources on material sustainability risks and opportunities that are associated with each material factor. This allows us to best meet stakeholder needs and ensure the long term success of our business.

Market Integrity and Stability

Market Integrity and Stability

Our ambition is to facilitate the development of a quality and sustainable capital market that is built on a bedrock of balanced regulation, transparency, high level of self-regulation and business conduct.

Integrity and stability are imperative to the development of a quality and sustainable capital market. We have put in place a comprehensive and robust framework, covering multiple regulated persons and operations. We seek to ensure an efficient, fair and orderly market that protects investor/depositor interests, while encouraging fundraising and market growth. We also seek to encourage and facilitate a strong culture of corporate governance (CG) and sustainability in the capital market, as we believe this is crucial to the creation of long term and inclusive growth for the Malaysian economy as a whole.

We are operating in a dynamic environment with regulatory risks that continue to evolve. Therefore, to ensure market integrity and stability, we continuously refine our three-year Regulatory Plans to remain effective. Throughout the development and implementation of our Regulatory Plans, we engaged with regulatory bodies, investor groups, public listed companies (PLCs), industry associations, advisers, intermediaries and other relevant parties to ensure that we took into account the needs of all stakeholders.

Today, we have a well-regulated market underpinned by adequate levels of investor protection. Our regulatory framework and approaches are benchmarked against international standards of market regulation and we have a high level of adherence to our rules by our PLCs and our intermediaries. We have also observed that the culture of self-regulation and quality of practices continued to strengthen over the past years. Building on the foundation that was set, our current Regulatory Plan seeks to further strengthen the market quality, increase efficiency and facilitate market development of the Malaysian capital market via the following focus areas:

For further details on how we continued to maintain the integrity and stability of our markets in 2017, please read our Sustainability Report 2017, which is available here.