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Our Material Factors

We strive to become the leading market for sustainability in ASEAN and an exemplary PLC that is not only benchmarked to international standards and frameworks but with peer exchanges as well.

Our Material Factors

Our Material Factors

Bursa Malaysia’s continued success in maintaining a sustainable business and generating long-term shareholder value is influenced by several internal and external trends. Each material factor presents unique risks and opportunities to our organisation, and is a key consideration in our approach to strategy formulation and execution as it substantially influences the assessments and decisions of our stakeholders. We regularly review these factors to assess their impacts on our business model over the near, medium and long-term future.

Our Sustainability Strategy

During the year we embarked on an initiative to review our internal management approach, including sustainability governance, stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment, sustainability strategy, performance measures and disclosures in an effort to strengthen our approach to sustainability.

We intend to develop a sustainability strategy to ensure that we address each material sustainability matters in a more holistic and integrated manner moving forward. This may involve developing new policies and procedures, implementing various initiatives, measures and action plans, setting indicators, goals and targets as well as reviewing existing systems that capture, analyse and report sustainability data and information.

Our Materiality Assessment [GRI102-42, 43, 44, 46, 47]

In our efforts to build capacity on sustainability we conducted a joint training and workshop for ninetynine (99) of our senior, middle and top management staff as our internal stakeholders. As well as building up their knowledge on aspects of sustainability, a list of our sustainability matters was also developed during the session.

The sustainability matters were subsequently prioritised, deliberated by our top management, and validated with two of our key external stakeholders, as identified during our stakeholder mapping and prioritisation exercise.

Our four material sustainability matters identified are:

These four sustainability matters are material across all our operations, while both ‘Technology’ as well as ‘Market Integrity and Stability’ are also material outside of our organisation, being of importance to our listed issuers and intermediaries. All entities covered within the financial statements are considered within this report. In addition to our material sustainability matters, engagement with our external stakeholders also highlighted the need for us to disclose our environmental and social initiatives. To meet these stakeholder expectations, we have included our key activities in these areas within this report.