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Our Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Contribution to the relevant Sustainable Development Goals is our responsibility and presents us with an invaluable opportunity to connect with the needs of society, and transform communities and the economy for the better.

Our Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Launched at the historic United Nations (UN) Summit in New York in 2016, the SDGs were ratified by 193 UN member states as a common framework for countries, businesses and civil society to focus their efforts on transforming the world by 2030. For Malaysia, the SDGs align to and build on the sustainable development agenda already set in motion by the Eleventh Malaysia Plan 2016-2020, which seeks to ensure that no section of society is left behind in nation development.

Based on our sustainability strategies and initiatives, we have identified several SDGs to which we have relevant contribution:

For more details on how we how we have had an impact on these five goals, please read our Sustainability Report 2018, which is available here