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Bursa Malaysia is committed to delivering sustainable value for all our stakeholders by creating a vibrant marketplace, protecting the integrity of our marketplace and being a responsible PLC. We constantly engage with our stakeholders to ensure that we integrate key and long-term economic, social and environmental elements into our business strategies and practices.

Sustainability Leadership

Sustainability Leadership

Bursa Malaysia’s sustainability leadership is led by the Board, which oversees and ensures that Bursa Malaysia pursues its regulatory and commercial objectives and remains a responsible organisation. The Board promotes good CG and sustainability practices which it believes will translate into better corporate performance for Bursa Malaysia.

On top of these measures, the CEO has fortfied Bursa Malaysia's sustainability practices across the management and operational fronts with a separate Group Management Governance Framework ("Framework"). The CEO, who leads the Corporate Sustainability Committee (“CSC”), reports to the Board on regular basis, providing updates as well as relevant proposals on Bursa Malaysia’s sustainability strategy and performance for the Board’s review and approval.

The CSC comprises representatives of business and functional units. Bursa Malaysia allocates a budget to carry out its sustainability-related initiatives.

Detailed information on the Framework, various Management Committiees and their Terms of Reference are available on My1818.

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