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Bursa Malaysia is committed to delivering sustainable value for all our stakeholders by creating a vibrant marketplace, protecting the integrity of our marketplace and being a responsible PLC. We constantly engage with our stakeholders to ensure that we integrate key and long-term economic, social and environmental elements into our business strategies and practices.

Statement on Human Rights

Statement on Human Rights

Training of Security Personnel on Human Rights

We have established Security Guidelines for Bursa Malaysia, which broadly cover aspects including physical protection of the Bursa Malaysia premises and property, human and personal safety and protection of information. Our security personnel, including those we source from a third party, are trained on all aspects outlined in these guidelines.

Child Labour

The Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966 defines "child" as any person who has not completed his 15th year of age and “young person” as any person who not being a child, has not completed his 18 th year of age. While Bursa Malaysia remains guided by this Act, due to the nature of our business, we do not employ children or young persons.

Grievance Mechanism for Human Rights Practices

A grievance procedure has been established to handle any dispute on our human rights practices between employees or the NUCW and the Management. The procedure is detailed in our Employee Handbook, which is available on My1818. Employees may refer their disputes for settlement under the provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 or such other law as may then be in force. There was no grievance report on our human rights practices, including violation of the rights of indigenous people, filed through formal grievance mechanisms in 2016.