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Bursa Malaysia is committed to delivering sustainable value for all our stakeholders by creating a vibrant marketplace, protecting the integrity of our marketplace and being a responsible PLC. We constantly engage with our stakeholders to ensure that we integrate key and long-term economic, social and environmental elements into our business strategies and practices.

Statement on Anti-Corruption, Public Policy, Anti-competitive Behaviour and Compliance

Statement on Anti-Corruption, Public Policy, Anti-competitive Behaviour and Compliance


Our Code ensures a high level of personal integrity, honesty, discipline and commitment to act in Bursa Malaysia's best interest. The Code of Ethics ("Code"), which is available on My1818, covers pertinent aspects including handling of confidential information, dealings in securities and conflict of interest. It is also sets our prohibited activities or misconduct such as soliciting or accepting gifts (in excess of certain value), gratuities and bribes as well as dishonesty and sexual harassment. Our employees sign a Declaration Form to declare that they have received, read and agreed to observe and adhere to the Code at all times. Our employees will be notified of any amendments to the Code through Bursa@Work.

Our employees also have a duty to report any violation of the Code to our Head of Group Internal Audit who has a direct reporting line to the Audit Committee. Additional details on the whistleblowing mechanism for employees can be found in the Sustainability at Bursa section under Ethics and Integrity.

We have assessed various operations for risks related to corruption and have identified significant risks as detailed in our Corporate Risk Management - Occupational Fraud and Abuse Policy available on My1818. We regularly remind our employees through Bursa@Work of requirement to comply with the Code particularly with regards to soliciting or accepting gifts (in excess of certain value), gratuities and bribes.

We are pleased to report that there was no incident of bribery or corruption involving our employees, and neither was there any employee who was disciplined or dismissed due to bribery or corruption. There was no fine, penalty or settlement paid in relation to corruption and bribery in 2016.

Public Policy

We priorities capital market related requests in our sponsorships. With regard to donations, we continue to assist the needy and the deserving. Sponsorship and donation requests are processed in accordance with approved processes. Bursa Malaysia does not make any financial political contributions.

Anti-competitive Behaviour

Bursa Malaysia has established a Competition Law Compliance Policy ("CLCP") to provide guidance on compliance with the competition law which was introduced in Malaysia when the Competition Act 2010 came into force in January 2012. The CLCP is consistent with Bursa Malaysia's intent to embrace competition and to contribute to the overall economic health and vibrancy of the markets in which it operates.

The CLCP provides a general framework for Bursa Malaysia employees to identify competitive law issues, to avoid questionable conduct and to seek appropriate advice from the relevant parties where there are doubts. A copy of the CLCP is available on My1818.


Bursa Malaysia has also established a Legislation Compliance Guideline (“Guideline”) to provide a uniform approach in ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, rules and guidelines which impact Bursa Malaysia as an entity. The Guideline led to the establishment of a Legislation Register (“LR”). While the Guideline outlines the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of relevant parties in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and guidelines, it also ensures regular updates of the LR.

There was no monetary fine or non-monetary sanction for noncompliance with laws and regulations in 2016.