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Bursa Malaysia is committed to delivering sustainable value for all our stakeholders by creating a vibrant marketplace, protecting the integrity of our marketplace and being a responsible PLC. We constantly engage with our stakeholders to ensure that we integrate key and long-term economic, social and environmental elements into our business strategies and practices.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and Integrity

Bursa Malaysia’s Codes of Ethics for Directors and employees govern the standards of conduct and behaviour expected of them. The Code of Ethics for Directors includes principles relating to Directors’ duties, cobflict of interest ("COI") and dealings in securities. The Code of Ethics for employees promotes integrity and ethical conduct in all aspects of Bursa Malaysia's operations, including confidentiality of informaton, dealings in securities and COI. It also sets out prohibited activities or misconduct such as soliciting or accepting gifts (in excess of certain value), gratuities and bribes.

Pursuant to the enhancement to the Whistleblower Protection Act 2012, Bursa Malaysia established a standalone Whistleblower Policy and Procedures ("WPP") for Bursa Malaysia, which was previously covered under the Code of Ethics. The WPP took effect in December 2011 and applies to all Bursa Malaysia employees. The WPP serves to enhance corporate governance by helping to foster an environment where integrity and ethical behaviour are maintained and any illegality, improper conduct and/or wrongdoing in Bursa Malaysia may be exposed. It also acts as an early warning system and enables Bursa Malaysia to remedy any wrongdoing before serious damage is caused. The WPP provides a formal, confidential channel to enable employees to report in good faith serious concerns of any improper conduct and/or wrongdoing that could adversely impact Bursa Malaysia or its subsidiaries, its employees, shareholders, investors, or the public at large, without fear of being subject to detrimental action.

A report of improper conduct can be made by:

  1. any Bursa Malaysia employee who has knowledge of any improper conduct committed by another Bursa Malaysia employee; and
  2. any external party that has knowledge of any improper conduct committed by any Bursa Malaysia employee.

The Audit Committee has the overall responsibility in overseeing the implementation of the WPP for Bursa Malaysia. Procedures for reports bu Bursa Malaysia employees are available in My1818 while the procedures for external parties to report any improper conduct by Bursa Malaysia employees can be obtained from the Bursa Malaysia website. Reports by Bursa Malaysia employees or external parties can be made directly to the Senior Independent Director.

Employees who make a report of improper conduct in good faith shall not be subject to unfair dismissal, victimisation, demotion, suspension, intimidation or harassment, discrimination, any action causing injury, loss or damage or any other retaliatory action by Bursa Malaysia.