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Bursa Malaysia is committed to delivering sustainable value for all our stakeholders by creating a vibrant marketplace, protecting the integrity of our marketplace and being a responsible PLC. We constantly engage with our stakeholders to ensure that we integrate key and long-term economic, social and environmental elements into our business strategies and practices.


CEO's Message

Investors are increasingly factoring in companies' sustainability practices and policies into their investment decisions as evident in a recent survey conducted by the world federation of exchanges sustainability working group. Such findings reaffirm our unwavering commitment to promote sustainability practices among listed issuers over the last ten years.

Economic, Environmental and Social Performance & Disclosures

Economic Sustainability

Corporate - Sustainability - Economic ThumbnailAs a regulator and market operator, we have a duty to uphold market integrity and investor protection while ensuring that our markets remain attractive as a destination for listing, trading and investment. For this, we have remained focused on enhancing our regulatory frameworks and approaches, providing a fair and orderly market that is easily accessible with diverse and innovative products and services. We have also heightened our efforts to promote best corporate governance (“CG”) and sustainability practices among listed issuers.

Environmental Sustainability

Corporate - Sustainability - Environmental ThumbnailWe promote responsible environmental protection practices among our employees and stakeholders. We also support the Government’s efforts in formulating appropriate climate change policies for the country such as the National Corporate Greenhouse Gases (“GHG”) Reporting Programme for Malaysia (“MyCarbon”).

Social Sustainability

Corporate - Sustainability - Social ThumbnailOur impact on the social system is broad. Being a responsible employer, we are committed to good labour practices and decent work ethics, and respecting human rights. Additionally, we interact and collaborate with our stakeholders in making a positive impact on society and on our communities through a three-pronged approach in our community investment.

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Sustainability Report 2015